Opening of Deanmill Football Club new clubrooms & Facilities


Anyone that has had any involvement with the Deanmill Football Club

We are having a grand opening of our new clubroom & facilities August 17th 2013 at Deanmill

The day will commence playing Imperials at Deanmill, our League players will be running out with a new set of jumpers which will include the old and new logos and will also name all coaches and players that played in a League premiership since 1959 and all life members since our incorporation as a club since 1918. The Deanmill Football Club has won 16 League flags.

 To celebrate the occasion after the League game we will have a formal evening inside our new clubrooms, fully catered finger food meal with a once a life time opportunity to raise money for our club by auctioning off the special printed jumpers with all players, coaches etc on the jumpers. These jumpers will not be available again a chance that won’t come around again.

please register your name address and phone number so we can send your  invite

send details to Deanmill Football Club Po Box 261 Manjimup WA 6258, leave a comment on this site with your details or email to   


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